“ I use it every day and wholeheartedly trust their quality & sourcing”

Linda Mathews
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“ I use it every day and wholeheartedly trust their quality & sourcing”

Shawn Mathews
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“ I use it every day and wholeheartedly trust their quality & sourcing”

Linda Mathews
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“ I use it every day and wholeheartedly trust their quality & sourcing”

Shawn Mathews
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Rich in Essential Nutrients

Chia Seeds offer a wide array of essential nutrients, making them a valuable addition to a balanced diet.


Omega-3 and Omega-6 Powerhouse

Chia Seeds provide high levels of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, surpassing even flax seeds in Omega-3 content.

Promotes Bone Health

With 5 times more calcium than milk, Chia Seeds contribute significantly to maintaining healthy bones and teeth.

High in Fibre

Chia Seeds are rich in fibre, supporting digestive health and contributing to a feeling of fullness.

Energy and Immune Booster

Chia Seeds help boost the immune system and reduce fatigue, enhancing overall energy levels.

Versatile Addition to Diet

Easily add Chia Seeds to cereals, smoothies, or baked goods for a nutrient boost.

Xcelerate Nutrition vs Other Supplements


Amplify Your Exercise Outcomes with XCelerate Nutrition's Chia Seeds

Natural, long-lasting energy for your intensive workouts

Our Chia Seeds are a superior source of slow-releasing energy, fuelling your workouts and keeping you active longer.


Uplift your workout endurance

Chia Seeds are known for their ability to promote hydration and reduce inflammation, supporting improved endurance during your workout sessions.


Facilitate muscle recovery and growth

Post-workout, Chia Seeds, with their high protein content, support muscle recovery and growth, preparing you for your upcoming sessions.

Elevate Your Workout Game with Our Organic Chia Seeds

Unleash Sustained Energy Release, Amplified Exercise Stamina, and Better Muscle Recovery with Our Premium Chia Seeds

Let XCelerate Nutrition's Chia Seeds be your partner in fitness. As a rich source of slow-releasing energy, chia seeds keep you energised for extended workout sessions, promote hydration, and reduce inflammation, contributing to better endurance and performance.

Every serving of our Chia Seeds delivers a significant amount of protein, fibre, and essential fatty acids, making them a nutrient-packed addition to your diet. This superfood not only keeps you energised during workouts but also aids muscle recovery and growth post-workout.

With benefits including sustained energy release, improved exercise stamina, enhanced muscle recovery, and support for overall health, our Chia Seeds are a simple yet powerful addition to your fitness and nutrition regimen.


Nutritional Info & Ingredients


100% Organic Black Chia Seeds


  • Added Sweeteners
  • Artificial colours
  • GMO
  • Harmful fillers

Optimise Your Workout Routine with XCelerate Nutrition's Chia Seeds

Discover the power of sustained energy and efficient recovery with Organic Chia Seeds. Packed with essential nutrients, chia seeds serve as a slow-releasing energy source, fuelling your workouts without causing energy crashes. Plus, the high protein content supports muscle recovery post-exercise

Empower Your Fitness Journey with Enhanced Stamina and Muscle Growth

Boost your fitness journey with our Chia Seeds. Rich in protein, fibre and Omega-3 fatty acids, Chia Seeds promote increased stamina and facilitate muscle growth, making them an invaluable asset for fitness enthusiasts, athletes, and anyone invested in their health

Experience Holistic Health Support and Sustained Energy with Chia Seeds 

Unlock the diverse benefits of Chia Seeds. These tiny powerhouses not only offer sustained energy release for prolonged workouts, but also contribute to overall health with their rich nutrient profile. High in dietary fibre, Chia Seeds support a healthy digestive system, while their Omega-3 fatty acids contribute to heart health.

About Xcelerate Nutrition

Nutrition is the ultimate destination if you’re looking for high-quality, affordable supplements and accessories to help you achieve your fitness goals this year!

With our mission to provide customers with the best products at unbeatable prices, we aim to make it easier than ever to stay healthy and fit. Whether you're looking to lose weight, build muscle, or improve your overall wellness, our diverse range of sports nutrition products and accessories provide everything your body needs to crush it.

Our expert support and unmatched customer service, means we're dedicated to helping you succeed. So why wait? Join our community of fitness enthusiasts today and start living your best life!


Answers to some of the most asked questions that we think you will find useful

What are Chia Seeds?

Chia Seeds are small, nutritious seeds loaded with protein, Omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, and fibre. They are a powerful superfood known for their energy-boosting properties and numerous health benefits.

How do Chia Seeds contribute to athletic performance and recovery?

Chia Seeds are a slow-releasing energy source that can fuel prolonged workouts. Post-workout, the high protein content in Chia Seeds aids in muscle recovery and growth

How should I incorporate Xcelerate Nutrition's Chia Seeds into my diet?

You can sprinkle a tablespoon (approximately 15g) of Chia Seeds onto your breakfast cereal, salads, or yogurt, or mix them into smoothies or baked goods. They can be consumed raw or soaked in liquid.

Can Chia Seeds help with weight management?

Yes, Chia Seeds are high in fibre and protein, which can help you feel fuller for longer, thereby aiding in weight management. However, they should be incorporated as part of a balanced diet and regular exercise routine.

Can I consume Chia Seeds if I have certain medical conditions?

While Chia Seeds are generally safe to consume, it's recommended to consult with a healthcare professional if you have any medical conditions, especially if you're on medication, as Chia Seeds may interact with certain drugs.